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Why Companies Should Embrace Social Media

If you cannot beat them join them, how often have you heard this phrase? In less than two decades, technology has changed for the better. It all started with mobile phones, and now we have the internet, which has completely changed how people communicate. These unexpected change in information flow has created a huge impact on how people interact. Without a doubt, it is also beginning to shape the way companies and businesses can advertise and market their services. With the unveiling of social media platforms like instagram, people can share information, and companies are looking for instagram growth so that they can reach more potential clients. If you own a business, but you have not yet embraced online advertising, then written below are some of the reasons why you should adopt social media marketing.

Instant Reaction

instagram If you are a keen observer, then you may know of companies that invest a lot in marketing a product only to get a slap on the face when the product hits the shelves. Using the conventional forms of advertising has proved to be less interactive since you do not get to why the customers are not into your product. But when it comes to social media, you will get an instant reaction and even recommendation on how to make your products even better.


One of the reasons why many startups and even big businesses are now adopting social media marketing is for the fact that it is a cheaper alternative. Every institution is looking for a way to save more, and since conventional methods of advertising are expensive, social media advertising is taking over.

More Audience

instagram followersThough the conventional methods of advertising were and are still useful, the truth is that you cannot compare these methods to those that are available today. Research has shown that the number of people who sit and watch TV or listen to the radio is on a steady decline. Now people use social media platforms to get news and communicate. The only way to get to them is by embracing the methods they are using, which is social media.


A simple post can reach millions of potential clients in a second. And truth be told no advertising method can do the same. Whether you have a new product you want to launch or you want to remain relevant and stay in touch with your clients, you definitely need to have a social media platform.…